Some dark arts I wish I deal with


  1. Spring Security :- You know! it’s really cool to be able to pop-up a dialogue and prompt for a password.
  2. Apache Spark :- I feel like I am know living in fleeting realm of Spark. Everybody speaks about it and I just nod along -like Joey Tribbiani. I probably need an encyclopedia of “S” to learn all about it.
  3. Linux Kernel Programming :- This would be darkest of the darkest arts I would like to master. I Mean isn’t that cool to understand what volcanoes are thundering beneath the surface of the calm.
  4. Astrophysics :- Somewhere there lies our future space. I wish I know I would at least be the 100th person to solve a problem and imagine the unseen. But then you know mind bending mathematics.
  5. Philosophy :- It’s rumored all that we shall ever do has been said. I wish I could use to my advantage and could mix-up with some strange logic to push the people onto something.

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