Books that made my mindset


(in the order of importance not of chronology)

  1. The Fountain Head – Ayn Rand: This is a very core part of what I preach and practice. “Don’t bow down to society. Keep your locus of control internal to you. Don’t lick other’s boots to be accepted among them”. is what Howard Roark practices. Mix that with OSHO and Chalam (A Telugu writer) you’ve got a wonderful role model.
  2. God Debris – Scott Adams: It’s surprising how something you stumble on out of boredom could give your thoughts a very powerful voice to your subliminal thoughts. It was 2006 and I was feeling bored in the office and so started browsing an internal site. I happened to find this little book (120 pages). What I had reading that book was an epiphany. It was so logically appealing that I would later find myself employing the methodologies employed by this Avatar guy. This book told me to see the problems from the other side other point of view.
  3. Chekumuki: It was a Telugu science magazine I did start reading when I was in my 6th grade. This book was my childhood’s Scientific American. I would go on to learn great things by read great books by Carl Sagan, Stephen Hawkins, Michio Kaku but that tiny 60 pager was my first love with science. That was the first book to satiate my hunger for knowledge and yet to keep me asking for more.
  4. Hetuvadi: It’s a 30 page booklet I am talking about. That used to be a Telugu monthly. The first I had ever read about rationalism. I would go on to read God’s Delusion, Why Am I Not a Christian/Muslim/Hindu but tiny magazine is very special for me for that left on the borders of becoming an atheist. Then came real world events and then a dollop of science to push me over.

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