Some books…


Some books make my smile and make me feel proud. I am reading this book called “Homo Deus”. I liked the author’s philanthropy (in it’s true meaning -not as in charity). so far this book talked about the problems the human had been able to conquer (famines, plagues and wars) and set the course for the humans to deal with the next set of problems (death, unhappiness and aspiring for god like abilities) and at the same time, doesn’t shy away from pointing our lack of morals like equality. I felt like reading Casmos – Carl Sagan all over again. Books like this never fail making feel proud for being born a human.

There are the other set of books I read; Politics. Our stupidity makes me cry when I read them. When I read how our attention is intentionally being diverted to sentiments like religion, nationalism so as to evade accepting the actual problems let alone be discussing them, I feel bad. I feel like atlas carrying the burden of the heavens on my shoulders.

I am now scared of picking up Freud. May be peering into brains and encountering devils could wait for some-more time.


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