A good chance to learn


Now that I am removed from from the rest of the world, I shall concentrate on learning. And I have a lot of that to do. I want to learn. I want to learn like I am gonna die tomorrow. I want to understand and be better that I was a month ago. I wanna be more organized and want to escape the fates of a lot of management people. Apart from that, I wanna enjoy the writing styles of Brontë sisters, Salman Rushdie, Franz Kafka. I want to understand the Indian politics and politics in general. I want to be able to go to a pub in Germany and be able to start a conversation. I want to master German and French.

I want to make new friends (and if required shed old ones). I want to date a girl. I want to travel France, Netherlands and Switzerland. I want to take a holy dip in the world and come out clean of my evils that I was conditioned to suffer.

I want to emerge different. I want to emerge elegant. I want to experience joie de vivre.


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