Listen Amaya


I happened to watch this on a trip the previous Sunday (12th June 2017). The one line description I read about this movie convinced that this movie is about human emotions and also that this movie is an award winner types. I was not wrong. I did thoroughly enjoy this movie.


The movie is about the daughter (Swara Bhaskar) of a widowed (Deepti Naval) woman not able to cope up with the relation that her seem to be enjoying with a another widower (Farooq Sheik). I liked the way the movie maintains a mellow pause without resorting to super-emotional scenes. I liked Farooq Sheik’s acting and characterization especially. Swara Bhaskar as Amaya was superb. The show of friction among the mother and daughter and daughter and her friend (Farooq Sheik) sometimes borders on love and sometimes on the anger that the other person is spoiling the friendship to get the relation transformed into another. I liked the way she comes around after realizing that her mom too had a right to life and love and none has a right to confine her mom to the  memories and condemn her life to them.


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