Some books…


Some books make my smile and make me feel proud. I am reading this book called “Homo Deus”. I liked the author’s philanthropy (in it’s true meaning -not as in charity). so far this book talked about the problems the human had been able to conquer (famines, plagues and wars) and set the course for the humans to deal with the next set of problems (death, unhappiness and aspiring for god like abilities) and at the same time, doesn’t shy away from pointing our lack of morals like equality. I felt like reading Casmos – Carl Sagan all over again. Books like this never fail making feel proud for being born a human.

There are the other set of books I read; Politics. Our stupidity makes me cry when I read them. When I read how our attention is intentionally being diverted to sentiments like religion, nationalism so as to evade accepting the actual problems let alone be discussing them, I feel bad. I feel like atlas carrying the burden of the heavens on my shoulders.

I am now scared of picking up Freud. May be peering into brains and encountering devils could wait for some-more time.

Wallpapers 1360x768

హోరున ముంచెత్తి
ప్రశాంతంగా తీరం దాటిపోతావు
ఊసూరంటూ నేను మిగిలిపోతాను
తలపులతో తరుక్కుపోతూ…
ఒంటరి స్వాలోలా.
బ్రద్దలౌడానికి సిధ్ధంగా..
షాంపేన్ బాటిల్‌లా.
పాతదారుల్లో క్రొత్తగా తిరుగుతూ
దొరకనిదేదో వెదుక్కుంటున్నాను.
బ్రతుకును నటిస్తున్నాను
మౌనాన్ని దాచేస్తూ
శూన్యాన్ని అక్షరాలతో నింపేస్తూ
ఆశనూ, ఆఖరునీ పొడిగిస్తూ పోతున్నాను.

One stupid thing I did

While playing with the settings and enabling cloud backup, I went ahead and deleted the the old back up. How stupid could I be? That meant, my highlights, underlines and all those books just rain down in a gutter from the cloud. I think I should arrested and locked away in a jail for this crime committed against self. Now I do have to read all those things. yay!!

By the way… I have decided to read Arundhati Roy, Charles Dickens and Salman Rashdie this year. May be LOTR too. I will finish my 50 books goal. I WILL not fail. and I will not cheat.

Books that made my mindset


(in the order of importance not of chronology)

  1. The Fountain Head – Ayn Rand: This is a very core part of what I preach and practice. “Don’t bow down to society. Keep your locus of control internal to you. Don’t lick other’s boots to be accepted among them”. is what Howard Roark practices. Mix that with OSHO and Chalam (A Telugu writer) you’ve got a wonderful role model.
  2. God Debris – Scott Adams: It’s surprising how something you stumble on out of boredom could give your thoughts a very powerful voice to your subliminal thoughts. It was 2006 and I was feeling bored in the office and so started browsing an internal site. I happened to find this little book (120 pages). What I had reading that book was an epiphany. It was so logically appealing that I would later find myself employing the methodologies employed by this Avatar guy. This book told me to see the problems from the other side other point of view.
  3. Chekumuki: It was a Telugu science magazine I did start reading when I was in my 6th grade. This book was my childhood’s Scientific American. I would go on to learn great things by read great books by Carl Sagan, Stephen Hawkins, Michio Kaku but that tiny 60 pager was my first love with science. That was the first book to satiate my hunger for knowledge and yet to keep me asking for more.
  4. Hetuvadi: It’s a 30 page booklet I am talking about. That used to be a Telugu monthly. The first I had ever read about rationalism. I would go on to read God’s Delusion, Why Am I Not a Christian/Muslim/Hindu but tiny magazine is very special for me for that left on the borders of becoming an atheist. Then came real world events and then a dollop of science to push me over.

Some dark arts I wish I deal with


  1. Spring Security :- You know! it’s really cool to be able to pop-up a dialogue and prompt for a password.
  2. Apache Spark :- I feel like I am know living in fleeting realm of Spark. Everybody speaks about it and I just nod along -like Joey Tribbiani. I probably need an encyclopedia of “S” to learn all about it.
  3. Linux Kernel Programming :- This would be darkest of the darkest arts I would like to master. I Mean isn’t that cool to understand what volcanoes are thundering beneath the surface of the calm.
  4. Astrophysics :- Somewhere there lies our future space. I wish I know I would at least be the 100th person to solve a problem and imagine the unseen. But then you know mind bending mathematics.
  5. Philosophy :- It’s rumored all that we shall ever do has been said. I wish I could use to my advantage and could mix-up with some strange logic to push the people onto something.

The Oath of the May the Second


  1. I will never forgo even a single meal for a very long time.
  2. I will develop new addictions and will nurture them. I will be more musically inclined.
  3. I will read more voraciously and I will read new topics. I will write more regularly. I will watch movies from different lands. I will work on my German.
  4. I will stay fit.
  5. I will be a better monster and will never ever hurt myself again. I will never have another dark day.
  6. I will aim for better dreams and better sleep.
  7. I will have more fun times. I will have my English accent. I will go off the grid more often. I will watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S all over again.