Things a government should never do


  1. A government should never control information :- Should never prohibit the publication of a book or arrest the release of a movie. Even if the literature is considered offensive to majority (or a minority) of the people. Even if the literature could be classified by a few people as seditious in nature. As long as the literature is not actively encouraging the people to cause violence, government should simply ignore it. A government should actively encourage alternative thought.
  2. A government should never discourage people from having different opinions :- If only French monarchy were to succeed in silencing the great thinkers, we would not have accepted “equality, liberty, fraternity” into our moral frame work. Now they seem alright but in those days, preaching equality was offensive. An idea might sound out of time and sometimes might fly right into nationalistic faces, but as long as it is remotely moral, it should be discussed and people who encourage others to follow that should not be treated like criminals as long as that idea doesn’t foment violence in it’s teachings.
  3. A government should never ever let it’s people become patriotic/nationalistic :- As Oscar Wilde puts across “Patriotism is the virtue of vicious”. Emotions like patriotism and nationalism, like religion will rob the people of their logical thinking and people, who are infected with them can never think freely. Knowing that nationalism is just the liberal form of racism, governments should actively discourage people’s tendencies to become national.
  4. On the matters of the religion :- While a government need not actively discourage religion, it should never fund religious institutes, and never appear to be siding with any AND/OR all the religions of the land. As long as the religious practices tend not to be violent, government should not interfere in that matters. Governments role should be to improve the scientific temper of the people. In a good government, religious sentiments would show a diminishing trend by the people’s reliance on technology.
  5. On invasions :- Unless to defend it’s own people, a government should never invade other countries. Having said that, if a state or a province should seek to get separated, the wish of the people of the province should be respected after a due process of referendum. Nation should never come to mean a patch of land but the people who share a common bond.
  6. On human rights :- Upholding the human rights, shall be the very first goal of the government. If religious practices some in the way of that, those religions should be warded off, if the constitutions itself comes in the way, that should be amended. The Four Freedoms should be guarded on par with the spirit of the Nation.